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During the last decade, the experience and the evolution of our technical productions had  allowed us to become regularly  a leading company in the field of the  plasticulture.
Strong capacity for innovation, the quality of these products, so the responsibility of our  teams, Micagricol has the means to endavor and  create modern structures at competitifpricing,  through extensive knowledge of plastics.

Each crop, each region...will find a suitable response to its need 

The choice of product is adapted according to various parameters defined with the user

We offer our technology in the agricultural world, offering a full range of agricultural polyethylene films:

mulch films , greenhouses cover films, through semi-forcing, thus  solarization and desinfetion films.

  • Mulching
  • Greenhouses cover
  • Semi-forcing
  • Disinfection
  • Bags
  • Industrial  films




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Face Gare oncf, Sidi Maârouf QI, Casablanca-Maroc.
Tel : +212 522 58 40 76.
Fax : +212 522 58 40 76
GSM : +212 661 21 71 28
E-mail : micagricol@menara.ma



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